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A Christmas Trilogy

It's Snowing

Please don’t even talk to us of Spring
With sneezy, greenish dust on everything (ick!)
And Summertime’s a time of bugs and sweat.
Even when it’s dry you can be soaking wet (yuck!)
And Autumn, although pretty, is worst of all:
A smoky, lifeless landscape once the leaves fall (meh!)
But Winter, lovely Winter, with its lovely, lovely snow
Lifts our hearts and lends our cheeks a rosy, rosy glow (ooh!)
Ting - - ting - - - - ting-ting - - - - - ting - - - A-A-A-A-H-H!

It’s snowing! Tiny silver crystals of delight.
And if the winsome weather girl is right, it should continue
snowing through the night.

It’s snowing! First as just a dusting, then a trace
Now it’s coming down at such a pace
You can hardly see your hand before your face.

Sneers, contempt and giggles greet the whines
Of Gloomy Gus-es bundled to the nines.
They pine away for warmer times and climes
And hate the very notion that

It’s snowing. It’s sad we cannot make this moment last:
Our arms around each other holding fast,
Two alabaster statues from the past.

Now in case you didn’t get it, or it’s likely you’ll forget it
We’ll sing it triple forte so you’ll know.
You can keep your tropic breezes; we prefer it when it freezes.

We want snow!

A Colorado Christmas

It's that very special time of year.

There's a manger scene on the mantle;
There's a Christmas tree by the door;
And the children once so wide awake
Are asleep, in a heap, on the floor.
Mom and Dad will pick them up   
And tuck them snug into bed,
Where all night long they'll be dreamin'
Of the wondrous night ahead.

Snow is blowin' 'cross the Rockies,
But the moon is on the rise,
And the aspen groves are quiv'ring with delight.
From the mountains to the mines,
From the prairies to the pines:
It's a Colorado Christmas and Santa comes tonight.

How the deer and elk will welcome him   
As the kiyotes start to sing,
And the prairie dogs will stand right up and cheer.
And the bear will do-si-do
With the shaggy buffalo.   
It's a Colorado Christmas, and Santa's nearly here.

Santa won't need Rudolph's rosy nose
To guide him on his way:
With the moon so bright on the snow so white,
The night'll be as light as day.

He will fill the stockings to the top
And lay presents 'neath the tree,
And maybe leave some extra gifts behind.
‘Cause though the reindeer tug away,
He knows an overloaded sleigh
Could never climb up high enough to cross the Great Divide.

And then off he'll go with a "HO-HO-HO"
In this season of good cheer.
And here's hoping you and your loved ones too
Accept our wishes most sincere
To have a Colorado Christmas
And your happiest New Year.

That's What Christmas Means to Me

Crackling sounds of Yule Log burning,
Shining tinsel on the tree,
Glowing faces of the children
As they sit on Santa's knee,
Lilting peals of laughter ringing through the rafters,
That's what Christmas means to me;
That's what Christmas means to me.
People shouting out to strangers:
Spreading cheer and Christmas spirit
Friends and family come to call.
Hands and hearts extending,
Broken fences mending,
That's what Christmas means to me;
That's what Christmas means to me.
May the spirit of that day
Last long after Santa's sleigh,
And this message come to all;
Let the whole world hear its call:
Show more kindness to each other,
Be more caring through the year;
Take the time to rediscover
"Peace on Earth" begins right here!
All the world in harmony:
That's what Christmas really means to me.
Merry Christmas,
Very Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas!